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About Us


Who We are

In 2017, my husband was dealing with PTSD and depression and we were searching for a non-prescription alternative to relieve his discomfort and improve his overall quality of life. Tired of consistently watching his once vibrant and funny personality slowly fade away and turn into a shell of who he once was, I knew there had to be another way. We scoured holistic healing places in search of quality options to try, and with the help and guidance of wellness professionals, we discovered hemp and experienced the benefits of immediate relief. Over the years it became harder and harder to find products that you could rely on to be consistent. We launched JellyLeaf Hemp Co. in order to bridge the gap and share this all-natural and effective compound with people who needed it as much as we did, with consistency you can rely on. With us, you will ALWAYS receive reliable service and top quality products, guaranteed.

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