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Each preroll is made with THC Indoor Exotic Flower Infused with 99% THC Diamonds and Rolled in 99% THC Diamonds AKA Double Diamond Prerolls

Each preroll is .5g and with 5 prerolls per pack.

Available in the following strains:

  • Platinum Stardawg Guava (Sativa) - Feeling: Euphoria
    • Experience euphoria with every hit. This Sativa-dominant strain delights the senses with a tropical explosion of sweet guava flavor, followed by a uplifting high that ignites creativity and joy. Discover your new favorite strain today.
  • Platinum Cheetah Piss (Hybrid) - Feeling: Bliss
    • Savor the divine taste and embrace pure bliss. This hybrid strain delivers a deliciously unique flavor profile alongside a blissful high that uplifts the spirit. Dive into an unparalleled sensory experience with Cheetah Piss. Discover your next favorite strain today.
  • Platinum Slurricane (Indica) - Feeling: Chill
    • Taste the sublime and embrace ultimate relaxation. This Indica strain boasts a delectable flavor and delivers a soothing, chill sensation that melts away stress. Dive into tranquility with Slurricane. Experience chilling hard today.

THC Double Diamond Infused Joints-5 Pack-3 Strains