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What’s In The THCa Vape Cartridge?

Live Resin extracted from high-quality 1:1 strains of THCa Flower. With a 1:1 THCA/CBD ratio, our THCa Vape Cartridge is the best true-to-plant vape product we have had the blessing to be able to offer you so far! The plants are harvested and immediately frozen to preserve the live terpene profile of the plant and then taken immediately to extraction. The live resin THCa converts to Delta9 THC when heated, so be assured this is a highly potent product.


How Potent Strong THCa Vapes?

THCa Vape carts are considered very strong compared to your normal Delta8 high. THCa vapes are going to give a feeling more similar to our THCa live resin diamonds. Potent THCa hits with amazing terpene profiles direct from the live plant. our THCa vapes contain 72% total cannabinoids, all 100% natural from the plant. There are no isomers or delta8 in this, only live resin from 1:1 THCa flower strains and cannabis-derived terpenes. Do not use this product while driving or operating heavy machinery, THCa vapes are highly intoxicating.


What Device Is Best For THC Vapes?

Our vapes are currently in all ceramic carts to provide you with the most premium vaping experience. This means the center post is ceramic, as well as the mouth tip and base. Standard cartridges have metal centerposts, which when heated, have the potential to put off metal vapors. This is not only dangerous but also affects the flavor of the product. 

Strains of THCa Vape